Welcome to the home of LanTool

This is N37dev.com, the home of the application that makes remote administration a breeze – LanTool. LanTool’s primary aim is to make the management of local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) easier for the people who look after and support them.

Of course, N37dev isn’t just about LanTool, and over the next year we’re planning to release a slew of applications that will make the life of the network administrator a lot easier. Borne from our own requirements, our tools are created with saving time, increasing value-for-money and boosting productivity in mind whilst, at the same time, making our lives easier.

Our tools are engineered for system efficiency – no more waiting to query computers on the network, or twiddling your thumbs waiting for the list of programs and services you have installed to be compiled. Our tools communicate directly – both with each other, and to the computer – meaning you avoid the delays introduced at the Operating System level.

You can visit the products page to find out more about the tools we’re developing, or visit the downloads page to get the latest builds of our beta evaluation software.